Case Study for Constantia


Constantia Flexibles is one of the World’s leading manufacturers of flexible packaging and labels. They include world renowned brands such as Pepsi, Unilever, Coca Cola and Nestle (and many more) amongst their reputable client list.

As a world leader in packaging, Constantia are constantly looking for ways to evolve in their space, so commissioned Spark to create a solution that would innovate their existing packaging solutions. Spark created a cutting edge Augmented Reality packaging solution that brought to life the Constantia product.

The Augmented Reality packaging gave their customers the capability to engage shoppers by delivering video, Augmented Reality games, competitions and much more straight to their mobile device. Shoppers can now play an engaging driving game right from a Coca Cola bottle, have a highly detailed animated dragon fly out from their Doritos packet or see a virtual TV screen appear from their chocolate bar playing the latest advert from Milka, all in Augmented Reality. Spark created a full content management system (CMS) to support the delivery of this project for the client, giving them complete control over their new platform in terms of content, whilst reducing ongoing development costs.

All of the brands that Constantia represents rely massively on data to make insightful decisions about marketing and packaging spend, so it was critical that they could fully understand the impact this new tool had for their business. Spark integrated a number of powerful analytics tools into the Augmented Reality solutions to provide data to the brands in an insightful way and increasing the significant value of utilising augmented reality into their packaging.
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