Project Scoping

On every project we work closely with our clients to outline all of their goals and each aspect of their project. We will capture every detail of your brief and ensure that we thoroughly understand what success looks like for the project. Our approach to project scoping will be in plain English, making sure that all stakeholders are aware of what is going to be delivered and more importantly why. Spark will assign your expert project team, carefully selected to ensure they offer the necessary expertise for your particular project.

Creative & Strategy

It all starts with a Spark of Genius. We take great pride in approaching every project with the highest level of creativity and strategic thinking. Our team of creative and strategic thinkers will ensure that every project is not only engaging and on brand in look and feel, but strategically hits the spot, making it ideal for your target audience. This approach ensures that each and every project we deliver offers market leading visuals but achieves all of your goals through insight, research and data.

Fit For Purpose Technology

We are proud to be ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging technologies and pioneering the successful implementation of cutting edge platforms to meet our clients needs. We don’t just suggest the latest and greatest hardware, we will always recommend technology that is fit for purpose and best suited for the requirements of our client. This may even mean developing technology and software solutions bespokely in order to make sure your project is a success.

Concept Phase

During the concept phase we will start by presenting low fidelity creative concepts. Whether this is wireframes, storyboards, animatics or test renders, this ensures that our clients are entirely happy with our approach before moving forward. Once a client is happy with our proposed concepts we will provide market leading high fidelity assets, adding depth and high end visualisation to the project. We deliver intuitive graphical user interfaces (GUI), engaging 3D assets and captivating animations that clients are proud of and that target audiences want to experience.

Iterative Delivery

Whether we are developing an immersive high end Virtual Reality solution using HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, an Augmented Reality project on the latest iOS or Android device or creating stunning product or environment CGI’s, our work is always delivered in iterative stages. Each project will be captured in a statement of work, providing our clients with a clearly defined, plain English, description of all aspects of the work. Each iterative step of the delivery will be captured in a detailed GANTT chart, providing our clients with defined sign off milestones. This means that at each and every stage of our delivery, irrespective of the project, our clients are always aware of progression and happy with the work being created.

Project Sign Off

Crack open the bubbly and celebrate a job well done!

Ongoing Analysis

Our work doesn’t stop when we deliver a ground breaking project for our clients. This is the point at which we trawl over the analytics and understand the performance of what we have delivered. It is critical to know how your project is performing and how we can harness your new initiative to get the greatest results. Don’t worry our bright Sparks will always be on hand to provide the necessary insight to future proof each and every piece of work we do for you, ensuring ongoing success and the optimal follow up to a job well done.