Case Study for Wild Art Trail


Spark produced a ground breaking app called the Pulborough WildART trail with a gargantuan life-sized Augmented Reality Giant for Horsham District Council and the RSPB to engage and delight wildlife spotters and lovers of magical tales young and old. The app was commissioned by HDC with an EU Grant and Pulborough brooks community to bring new footfall to the area and engage newcomers into the wildlife using Augmented Reality.

Lucky trail goers can download the app and take a glimpse at the secretive and kind giant who hides in the shadows yet is as gentle as can with the wild creatures of the Pulborough Brooks as friends. The app is activated in a series of intriguing stages, along he 3.1mile trial, using GPS activation and a series of Art based waymarkers made from wood or Core 10 steel.

The Augmented reality Giant can be activated and seen at regular stops - each explaining about a new wildlife creature. There are x12 stops in total with each enjoying an animated CGI AR creature - the unique characteristics of each wild critter explained with enthusiastic awe by our booming 30ft Pulborough Giant! Visitors children can take a selfie with the giant and grandma, ready to share on major social media platforms - adding to the fun of the experience! Or even enjoy Giant treats offered by local business's along the route.

The App and trail is a heartwarming community success story and businesses have enjoyed a significant upsurge in footfall as the app draws in more WildArt Giant seekers since its launch in the summer 2019. Spark were honoured and privileged to work on the WildArt project.

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"Working with Spark has been a great experience. Our project was wide-ranging and involved partners from a range of organisations as well as being EU funded which adds another layer of complexity. Spark have risen to every challenge with innovative ideas, technical expertise and good humour. The team are always approachable and prepared to go the extra mile. We are delighted with the outcome and wouldn't hesitate to work with Spark on other projects in the future."

Lynda Spain - Economic Development officer - HDC